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Concrete Floor Restoration and Repairs Frequently Asked Questions

How do we get started?

Lets begin with contacting us to discuss what concrete floor your projects requires

How can I contact Maintenance Solutions?

Maintenance Solutions can be contacted via phone or email. Direct contact information can be located on the contact page.

Office phone number: 281-355-0498
General email address:

 Where is Maintenance Solutions located? Does your team service projects anywhere in the United State or just within Texas?

Maintenance Solutions is located in Tomball, right outside of Houston, Texas. We have serviced projects throughout the United States and all major cities within the Texas area which include Houston, The Woodlands, Austin, San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas, etc.

Major Houston Zip Codes include: – 77004, 77056, 77077, 77388, 77091, 77092, 77061, 77002 and more.

Does Maintenance Solutions work on residential concrete restoration or just commercial and industrial?

Maintenance Solutions focuses simply on commercial and industrial concrete restoration and repair, but we can recommend a great residential contractor should you require these services.

Which application do I need?

Each application is unique and depends on the project. Maintenance Solutions representatives will analyze each project and suggest the best industry solution for your flooring needs.

How quickly can Maintenance Solutions start a project?

Typically this depends on the the customers schedule, products and applications requested.

What major projects has Maintenance Solutions completed?

We have worked on major projects with companies like NASA, Smith Inc, Mitsubishi, Exxon Mobil, Cisco, & Schlumberger etc.using our 30 years experience and a range of manufacture certifications.

Does Maintenance Solutions complete new development and full concrete floor restorations?

Yes – we provide a range of services to complete full concrete floor restorations.

Do we need to remove the current concrete system in place before installing a second?

Yes and No. It depends on the concrete system but most of the time Yes. Please contact us before removing the current concrete system.

When is it the best time during a construction project to apply concrete applications?

The dried in stage.

How often should I restore/repair my concrete floor.

Each application has a different shelf life, but we recommend crack repairs ASAP and restoration depends on the system.


For more information on Maintenance Solutions and concrete floor solutions, please fill out the contact form or contact us at 281-355-0498.